Cheerleading Options

1. All-Star FUNdamentals:
All Star FUNdamentals is the first stop for athletes who are interested in All Star cheer. The athletes will establish a FUN, low-pressure, non-competitive, technique-centered progressional path for first-time cheer athletes to learn about All Star cheer and prepare to transition to competitive teams as they’re ready.

Our FUNdamentals program is a 4 month recreational team participating in only in-house performances to build skills and confidence. We offer 3 seasons of All Star FUNdamentals as noted below:

  • May 2018-August 2018
  • September 2018-December 2018
  • January 2019-April 2019

General Information
All Star FUNdamentals
(teams will be broken up by age if allowed)

Program Costs/Payment Plan
Four Equal Monthly Payments of $99.00 (3 separate seasons May-August, Sept-Dec, Jan-April)

Payments include all of the following fees:
– Monthly Tuition
– Performance Fee
– Registration Fee
– Practice T-shirt
– Bow
– Required USASF Credentials

2. All-Star Prep:
All Star Prep is perfect for the athlete ready to take it to the next level! Introducing a competitive environment drives excellence in skill building. Athletes looking to be slightly more competitive, but still able to participate in a variety of other sports/activities, can choose one of our Full or Half Season All-Star Prep teams participating in 1 and 2-day competitions and possible drive-able travel. All-Star Prep is the first level of All-Star cheer in which teams will be scored against other teams.

Full Year Prep Non Travel

Program Costs/Payment Plan
One-Time Payment of $249.00 
Equal Monthly Payments of $189.00 through April 25, 2019

Payments include all of the following fees:
– Monthly Tuition
– Choreography
– Competition Fees
– Registration Fee
– Uniform Rental
– Practice Clothing
– Sneakers
– Bow
– Required USASF Credentials

Competition Schedule

12/1/2018 Season Premier Auburn High School
1/27/19 Athletic Providence, RI
2/16 or 2/17/19 ASA Sweetheart Classic Springfield, MA
3/10/19 Spirit Fest Hartford, CT
4/13/2019 Minuteman Worcester, MA

***Please Note: Athletes will NOT be allowed to miss ANY of the events above for any reason.

For all the details, please call or email us.