Kidz Central is a tumble, play and gymnastics program for children ages 10 months-6 years old. This program incorporates learning, socialization, and physical development through play, music, tumbling and FUN! We want children to learn to feel confident in a fun, nurturing environment.
Parents will join their children in this fun program led by Miss Nikki and Miss Ashley.

$10 for each Open Play, or purchase a 6-week unlimited pass for $34.50.


Bouncing Babies (Coming Soon!)
Ages: 10-17 Months
Length: 45 Minutes
Description: This class inspires mini tandem adventures with Mom, Dad or other adults! Together these bouncing babies and involved adults will explore their way through a 45 minute class.

Tiger Tots
Ages: 10-36 Months
Length: 45 Minutes
Description: This class will also consist of a joint effort between involved adult and tiger-ific-tot to gain their tots innovative muscle development, motor skills, and progress in grasp of instructions.

Super Tots
Ages: 3-7 Years
Length: 45 Minutes
Description: A more advanced class allowing uninvolved adults to watch their super tot grow and expand their motor patterns that have already been developed. This class keeps learning and the development of new skills fun and interactive with use of age appropriate equipment.

Open Play
Ages: 10 months-7 Years
Length: 45 Minutes
Description: Open Play. Adult companion required for the “Under 3 Years Old” group.

Tumbling Games
Ages: 3-7 Years
Length: 45 Minutes
Description: Incorporating tumbling skills into games. This class encourages proper form as well as keeping the fun in tumbling!